EMBA Gobi Desert Challenge: Bronze medal for NTU (27th May 2012)
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 China Times/ Chin-Fu Chen /Taipei


The 7th ‘Road of Hsuan Chuang EMBA-The Gobi Desert Race’ finished after 4 days of fierce competition. China Europe Business School successfully defend their champion four times and won the Hsuan Chuang Bronze Statue. It is third times for the Business School of NTU wining ‘the Best Manner’ award. National Chengchi University and National Sun Yat-Sen University that also from Taiwan were awarded ‘the Shackleton’ prize.

The Gobi Desert Challenge started from 22nd of May in Guanzhou, Gansu for four says. Twenty top Chinese business schools and 500 members participated in this event. The road is 112 km long with such complicated geography such as the Gobi desert, Yardang, alkali soils and hills. The race starts from the x and finish at Petuntzi. The first day is for experience and the record was not counted. The last three days are official competition. The score was calculated based on the score of the 6th member in each team who arrived the finish line every day.

China Europe won first place by the record 10 hours 21 minutes. The second place winner is Yangtze river (11 hours 01 minute), and NTU won third place (11 hours 20 minutes). The overall score this year is better than last year’s. Except every school improve themselves, the weather is also an important factor. The 6th Gobi Race last year, contestants had to face the challenge of 10-degree sand storm and a high temperature of 37℃. The weather of this year during the race was relatively comfortable.

Shackleton prize is a new award this year particularly prepared to encourage team cooperation. The prize was awarded to schools that finished the whole race. The business schools of NCCU and NSYSU from Taiwan joined this race as observers. All members successfully completed 4 days of difficult challenges and were awarded with Shackleton prize along with other schools.