Congratulations! NTU has won the Champion of Cheers magazine’s “The Most Popular EMBA Courses among Managers of 3,000 Enterprises” for three consecutive years!
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2012  November 1st  Market Daily Commercial Times│Cheng Jing-Ming

[Ching-Ming Chen /Taipei]


Cheers magazine conducted a survey targeting on the most popular EMBA courses among managers of 3,000 enterprises. EMBA at National Taiwan University is ranked as the most desirable university.

The background for those who choose NTU as their first choice varied from technology, finance, biotechnology, medicine to service industries by more than 60 %. Their average working experiences in industries is expected to 17.4 years. Participants aged less than 40-year-old account for 40% and aged under 50 years older account 55.5%. According to the result, the architect of students reflects the development in these five years. The age distribution is even. The findings indicate that internationalised EMBA program in National Taiwan University is deeply acknowledged by social elites which is also recommended by managers. It is also ranked the most desirable EMBA program in three straight years.