NTU CoM – 2024/2025 Student Exchange Program Application Guide
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Published At:2023-09-30 
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NTU College of Management has established a dynamic College-Level program in collaboration with leading business schools from all over the world. The Exchange Program allows students to study abroad at one of our partner schools for one semester

For more information, please refer to the Application Guide below.

The list of 2024/2025 exchange partner schools and available exchange slots will be announced on Oct 18, 2023.

Please note:

1. The application is fully online, no hardcopy is needed.
2. Prospective or current exchange students, students who have completed their exchange program, or students who have the exchange program terminated due to certain reasons are only allowed to select exchange schools different from their previous one.
3. Applicants who have already confirmed their university-level/department-level exchange program can only choose exchange schools that are different from their confirmed destination and exchange term.
4. Official Transcript of Academic Record for full academic years in English please apply through the Office of Academic Affairs, an academic grade record downloaded through myNTU is NOT acceptable.
5. Please use NTU email as the main contact email address from the time of the Student Exchange Program application to the end of the exchange semester in order not to avoid missing any important information.
6. Please ensure that all documents required by the school are uploaded to the application system. Application requirements for exchange students may vary with different Partner Schools. Please ensure that all requirements of the chosen exchange destination are met.
7. The list of 2024/2025 exchange partner schools and available exchange slots will be announced on Oct 18, 2023, on the website of the NTU CoM Office of International Affairs.
8. Applicants must seek the consent of their advisor (for bachelor's students) or thesis advisors (for master's students) before submitting the Admission Confirmation Form.
9. Applicants may list 30 exchange destinations in the order of preference. Please ensure that you meet all of the requirements of the exchange schools; otherwise, you may not be able to enroll in the exchange school.
10. Some schools may only accept students either in the Fall or Spring semester, please make sure that you can go on exchange during the term(s) offered.


NTU CoM 2024/2025 Student Exchange Program Application Guide
NTU CoM Student Exchange Program Application Information Session on Oct. 18 (conducted in Chinese only, slides will be provided in English later on)

If you have any questions, please refer to FAQ: https://management.ntu.edu.tw/en/ia/OutgoingExchange/FAQ
For other questions not listed in the FAQ, please contact Ms. Cola Sung via hysung@ntu.edu.tw.