Reunite After 50 Years on Azaleas’ Day; Friendship Grows Stronger: Reunion of 1966 Alumni Member of 1966 Business School
Published At:2016-04-19 
 2017-02-12 updated


On the drizzling Mar. 19, the College of Management invited the business school students of 1966 to return to their alma mater and reunite again. 50 years apart, old friends at the venue were hugging and shaking hands as they exchanged updates with one another. Precious friendships were seen at the reunion. On behalf of all 1966 graduates, Professors Thomas W. Lin, Chuo Min-Chih, and Chi-Wen Jevons Lee presented their donations of 6 valuable accounting books: Advanced Auditing: Fundamentals of EDP and Statistical Audit Technology; Cost Management: A Strategic Emphasis; Tax Accounting; Accounting Theory: Revolutionary Breakthrough on Information Economics; Commercialized Society and Modern China; and Chi-Wen Jevons Lee on Management Education and Economics and Finance. They wish students of College of Management today may learn knowledge from these books and make good uses of such knowledge. It is a day of heritage, warmth, and joy.