Grand Return of Class 2006 After 10 Years
Published At:2016-10-13 
 2017-02-12 updated

The College of Management was bustling with more than 100 alumni members who gathered to attend the Reunion at School for Class 2006 on August 20 organized by NTU EMBA, where they watched the reminiscence video compiled NTU EMBA and remembered once again the good old days. As the faculty members recounted the great achievements of Class 2006, the memories come back just like yesterday. Class 2006 went back home not only with the day’s sweet memory, but also new tasks. As NTU EMBA celebrates its 20th anniversary, adopts the direction of social innovation, and advocates corporate social responsibility, it wishes many developed enterprises to use their influences and lend helping hands to the germinating innovation businesses, allowing these businesses that dedicate all their efforts to public welfare to solve problems in our society and pursue sustainable society development by adopting social innovation and sustainability. Yellow ribbons flown in glory at the 10-year Reunion. As these former students received the Ding and waved the banner that symbolizing duty and honor, they shall carry forward a noble cause and assume new responsibilities given by their alma mater as they go back to their daily life, where they shall spread the social fulfillment spirit of NTU EMBA.