NTU EMBA Entrepreneur Practice Program’s Infinity: LendBand now operational
Published At:2017-01-20 
 2017-02-12 updated

  To address to the trend development, NTU EMBA’s Entrepreneur Practice Program, offered since 2015 with the concept of incubator, allows students to propose innovative business models, which may be jointly brought into reality by the faculty and mentors of the College of Management. At the end of 2016 comes a good news: LendBand, the first incubated innovation company, is now operational. Its core concept is giving innovative entrepreneurs a pivot point.  LendBand is an online finance platform (Fintech-P2P) that brings together borrowers and financiers to embrace more possibilities for small innovation businesses. With NTU EMBA’s spirit of social innovation, this entrepreneur team is starting a new business for the team members themselves. Their goal is to help more start-up teams in Taiwan to make across the first hurdle of capital and to succeed in new business.