GMBA Graduation Ceremony
Activity day:2018-06-24 
Published At:2018-05-17 
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National Taiwan University – College of Management

Global MBA Program


Date: SUNDAY, JUNE 24, 2018

Time: 10 AM ~ 12 NOON
Venue: Sungreat International Convention Hall


June. It’s a hot month in Taiwan, a month when summer really does start to rear its head and warn everyone of the heat and humidity to come.
At NTU, June is a time for final exams, for term papers, for the presentation of group work, for the end of the semester. Depending on who you are, it’s also a time for graduation.


For most students, the NTU Global MBA is a two-year program. Students usually come to their first orientation event in September, knowing nobody and unsure of where they will find themselves in the greater scheme of things. Each cohort includes approximately 60 students from countries all over the world, a linguistic and cultural cornucopia that infuses the program with life and energy and passion. Over the following two years, students find their places: some spend their days and nights in social interaction with fellow students, building a social network that will last far beyond graduation; others create business plans for what may be the next big thing in ecommerce or social enterprise; and everyone finds a friend or two or twenty in this great mass of people coming together to better themselves.


At 10 A.M on June 24th, the graduates of the class of 2018 entered Sungreat International Convention Hall at NTU’s College of Management. Family and friends turned excitedly to watch their loved-ones take the first steps that will soon carry them away from NTU’s beautiful campus and out into a larger world as GMBA graduates. This batch of students mostly came into the program together, part of that two-year family begun in 2016, although a few were not. Some were from earlier cohorts and had taken their time finding this finish line, balancing school and work and daily responsibilities. Two were part of the cohort begun in 2017 and are the first students to finish the program in a single year, quite the feat of determination and mental agility.


As music played throughout the convention hall, photos of the students flashed onto the screens, showing their happiest moments for all to see. Program Director Chialin Chen welcomed everyone, and members of the 2017 Student Council - Philip Chang (President) and Winnie Lee (VP of Marketing) - gave heart-warming speeches to encourage their now-former classmates. As students filed to the stage to have their mortarboard tassels ceremonially turned, many thought back on the hard work they had put in during their time at GMBA.


We wish them all the best of luck in the years to come. They are truly an inspiration to us all! Congratulations, Class of 2018, you’ve truly earned it!