“Cloud Services & Integration Center” was called “Computer Center” originally. Its main goals are to provide its faculty, staff and students with the convenient, excellent Internet environment and the abundant information access services. To reach these goals, the center has three main-frame computer rooms, two computing rooms, the square footage is about 110 pings. There is a computer facilities in 5F of Bldg. 1, College of Management, 5F of Bldg. 2, College of Management, and 2F of Instructuction and Research Center, College of Management separately. Each room has set up some servers, Internet linking equipment, and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to offer the steady power source.

The main services
  • Web Page Service
  • Electronic Board Service
  • Computer Classroom Service
  • Network Linking Service

  • Financial Database Service​​​​​​​