2017 OCT_Newsletter
 2017-11-09 更新
SEED, NTU and HP Inc. Collaborated to Successfully Complete the “Growing Innovative Leaders” Program

The “Growing Innovative Leaders” program, tailored by SEED, NTU for HP, Inc., completed successfully on August 19, 2017. Beginning on August 19, 2016, the program covered ten modules which were then completed within one year. Of the last three modules, the eighth had the theme of “Contextual Innovation.” The lecturer was Professor Hsiao Ruey-lin of the Graduate Institute of Technology, Innovation and Intellectual Property Management of the National Chengchi University. For the ninth module, “Strategic Innovation,” the discussion was steered by instructor Alex Ferng, the President of the TEAM Management Consultants Co., Ltd. and a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Business. In the tenth module, called “Business Challenge,” trainees from HP, Inc. demonstrated their learning achievements on the nine modules from the past year, which were completed during summer vacation.