2017 JUN_Newsletter
 2017-10-31 更新

HP, Inc. Embraces Transformation and Growth, Having Built up Solid Expertise in International Business Management


“Transformation for Growth”, the 7th module of “Growing Innovative Leaders Program” designed by SEED, NTU for HP, Inc., was held during the period of May 19-20, 2017 at the C. C. Hong Memorial Hall on the 10th floor of Building No. 1 at NTU’s College of Management. Chen Chun-chung, associate professor of the Department of International Business, NTU, was the facilitator of the session. Using a professional approach, he effectively helped the HP managers make analytical decisions using the perspective of a manager of an organization. The purpose is to pursue organizational change, transformation and growth. The facilitator has, particularly, emphasized the issue of “integration and control between headquarters and subsidiaries.” Under his guidance, all trainees were engaged to explore transformation and growth strategies for HP.