2016 NOV_Newsletter
 2017-11-16 更新
The senior executive program for Chenbro, Chen-Source, Lincotec, and FSP Group was completed successfully

    The Penn-Wharton module of the NTU SEED Global Executive Program was completed during September 18-23. The curriculum themes include the Trend of Economic Development and Overview of Financial Markets in the U.S., the Effective Strategies of Innovative Management, Strategic Decision Making, To Inherit the Strategies of Science and Technology, the Strategies of Corporate Financial Management and Value Recreation, and the Innovative Marketing Strategies under Profit Growth.

     In addition, the united senior executive development program for the four companies of Chenbro Micom Co., Ltd., Chen-Source Inc., Linco Technology Co., Ltd., and FSP Group was completed successfully and the closing ceremony was held on September 22. And the second module of the Growing Innovative Leaders Program tailored for HP with the themes of Lead Yourself, Lead Your Team and Business, and Lead the Change also successfully came to an end during October 14-15.