2015 DEC_Newsletter
 2017-11-16 更新
E.Sun phase 2 – Continual growth and unrelenting pursuit of refinement

      Since the “Leadership module” in April 2014, E.Sun Lead Program phase 2 has completed modules including “Team performance”, “Service innovation”, “Business strategy” and “Transformation and growth”. In addition to the involvement of heavyweight professors from the College of Management, in corresponding to the business development needs of E.Sun Bank, external lecturers are invited to conduct course modules such as “Coaching based leadership”, “Blue ocean strategy” and “Contextual innovation”. For the overseas module, arrangement was made for students to learn “Platform innovation” at CEIBS (China Europe International Business School). From the students’ final reports, it is evident that each team has absorbed the essence of the leadership and innovation course over the last 18 months and applied it to their reports. After case study, course discussion, group report preparation, report discussion and presentation, E.Sun students are not only able to systematically obtain leadership related knowledge, they have all attained improvements in terms of management thinking and personal goals.