2015 SEPT_Newsletter -WBL
 2017-11-16 更新
“Wangdao Business Leader Program” – Conveys Wangdao way of thinking through a fusion of Eastern and Western elements

      The 2015 Wangdao Business Leader Program kicked off in late July, and students from Taiwan and China came under one roof at Aspire Resort in Longtan, Taoyuan for the lecture. After spending several days together not only have they profited abundantly in learning about corporate governance, through learning experience sharing and interactions among lectures and students, the students were able to comprehend the central doctrine of the “Wangdao way of thinking” and internalized it into their corporate management techniques in order to achieve corporate sustainability.

       During the class, Mr. Shih explained the reason for establishing “Wangdao” values lies in the fact that ordinary business owners tend to pursue extrinsic values and neglect to create intrinsic values, in turn resulting in stagnant company development. He proposed “Six Aspect Values” to let corporate decision makers become aware of and adjust values to different aspects. Aside from learning, an equal emphasis is placed on management and culture, while the impartation of entrepreneurial and managerial experience and wisdom is also a crucial element of the course.