2015 MAY_Newsletter
 2017-11-16 更新
NTU SEED promotes “Corporate senior executive high value learning performance training platform” with professional, high value images

      Since inaugurated in December 2012, Service for Executive Education Development Program (SEED) has strived to develop effective talent training solutions with our business partners, therefore a wealth of knowledge from renowned lecturers are applied to help cultivate the new generation of business leaders. By organizing the course, we have come to appreciate that the key ingredient in fostering sustainable corporate development is elevating the management skills of senior executives. It has also enabled us to understand that our mission is to create a “Corporate senior executive high value learning performance training platform” that is centered on industry needs to offer high learning efficiency courses, thereby propagating the College of Management’s advanced knowledge and influence to the industry and society. In doing so, we will be able to assist businesses to cultivate management leadership, initiate innovation, transformation and growth and facilitate sustainability. In light of this, in an effort to let more enterprises understand the resources NTU’s SEED have to offer, NTU SEED has made modifications to the brand’s marketing and promotion campaign, where “professional and high value” images are created to promote the platform.