2015 MAR_Newsletter-Second-generation
 2017-11-16 更新
Course on entrepreneurship and carrying the torch of predecessors for successors – Second-generation executives from across the Strait exchange experiences and learn from one another

      Service for Executive Education Development Program (SEED) hosted the “Successor course: Startup and heritage” course co-organized by CEIBS and NUS School of Business. The course is designed specifically to address the complex challenges faced by young business successors in relation to self, family, business, wealth, and society. The course encompasses four modules that are conducted in Shanghai, Japan, Taiwan, and Singapore to explore issues including interpersonal communication, governance, heritage, wealth management, and CSR within family businesses. Benchmarking visits were carried out in Chinese businesses in Asia that share common cultural background and family heritage spanning across multiple generations, thereby allowing young successors to experience and discover the secrets of corporate sustainability. The “Leadership and heritage course” took place in September 2014 in Shanghai, while the “Corporate sustainability course” was conducted in Japan in November. In January 2015, the students participated in the “Entrepreneurship and carrying the torch course” was held in Taiwan, and “Family fortune course” was conducted in Singapore in March