2014 DEC_Newsletter
 2017-11-16 更新
Incorporating the Wangdao way of thinking into business management – Review of 2014 Wangdao Business Leader Program

      Wangdao Business Leader Program was formerly the Wangdao Management Program co-founded by Mr. Stan Shih and Prof. Ming-che Chen, a well-received program among Chinese businesses across the Strait. In order to deepen Wangdao way of thinking’s influence on businesses, as well as to introduce systematic research and teaching, Stans Foundation and SEED collaborated in 2012 to launch Wangdao Business Leader Program.

      Besides in-class case study discussions and seminars that guide students’ interaction and reflection, diverse learning approaches such as cultural night, executives’ corner and evening discussions allow students to absorb management-related wisdom of extraordinary executives and interact with them. After successfully completing all modules under 2 major themes, we are pleased to see that the students have brought back what they learned in the class to their enterprises. It is hoped that they will be able to effectively apply their new knowledge to help them realize organizational objectives, as well as promote corporate reform and sustainable development.