Industry-Academia Development
Career Development Office (CARDO)



The principle of CARDO is to serve as a bridge between our college members and the enterprises, helping our students to find the right places in their career and to achieve their goal in life. On the other hand, the corporations find the right talents.

CARDO has provided 5 main career planning activities consecutively with our partners from the industries, including TIP, TCP, Elite Summit, Career Talk, and Career Workshop. Students are encouraged to explore themselves, discovering their abilities and passion, combine their own characteristic and skills, as to pursue the best version of themselves in future.

1. TAIDA Internship Program, TIP

Internships is a crucial part to help the students move on to work from school. It also helps the students to put what they have learnt into real life practice. CARDO organizes internship programs with the companies that recognize the importance of internship programs. These partners are invited to host internship seminars with CARDO and explain the industry trend, the prospects and cultures of corporations, talent demand and future career development and suitable internship opportunities.

2. Talent Cultivating Program, TCP
CARDO and our industry partners work together to build a professional learning program with specific occupations. We recruit students at September and run the program till March. Our business partners organize various activities, such as lectures, workshops, companies visiting programs...etc. The main purpose is to help the students obtain a deeper understanding on the specific occupation and career development. At the same time, our industry partners are able to find suitable talents, offering internship or fulltime opportunities to them.

3. Career Talk

We invited our alumni to share about their career and internship experience, so as to help our students identify solid information on the industries and occupations.

4. Elite Summit 
CARDO offers a point-rewarding system to encourage our students to make early preparation on their career planning. The students that participate in our activities are rewarded with points and they can redeem their points for joining our Elite Summit. It is an opportunity for our students to communicate face to face with the company leaders and earn a deeper understanding on the industries, which also provides great examples on their career planning.

5. Career Workshop 

Our workshops provide further professional training to our students, such as writing resume, mock interviews, presentation skills, start-up planning and consulting.