Education Objectives
The Department of International Business at National Taiwan University aims to cultivate top talents in the field of international business management and has consistently ranked as the first choice for high school students. Our curriculum design places a strong emphasis on four major aspects: international business, strategic management, finance & economics, and marketing management. It focuses on a global perspective, regional connections, and local cultivation to nurture future leaders in global enterprises.
Core Competencies
1.A solid foundation in business management and various professional domains.
2.Ability for logical thinking and problem-solving in quantitative and analytical contexts.
3.Decision-making skills in the management of international businesses.
4.Analytical skills in understanding industry dynamics and competitive strategies.
5.Decision-making skills in global brand marketing and management.
6.Applied skills in global finance and economic analysis.
7.International perspective, compassionate mindset, team collaboration, and a spirit of social service.