I.For students admitted after the academic year 106 (including those admitted in the academic year 106):
i. Total Graduation Credits: 42 (excluding credits for graduation thesis).
ii. Required Credits: 27 (must complete courses offered by the IB department, with curriculum identity number starting with the letter "M").
iii. Elective Credits: At least 15 (credits with curriculum identity number starting with "M" or "U" will be recognized).
iv. Graduation Requirements: In addition to completing all required graduation credits (42 credits), students must also complete the graduation thesis and oral defense. Furthermore, students are required to take the "Academic Ethics" online course offered by the Center for Taiwan Academic Research Ethics Education for at least six hours before applying for the degree examination.
v. In addition, to maintain the quality of graduate theses, the department has established the "Guidelines for the Quality and Examination of Theses of Department of International Business, National Taiwan University." All students are required to comply with these guidelines.

II.Master's Program Prerequisite Course Regulations:
  Required Course Prerequisite Course
First Year of Master's Program International Financial Investments Financial Management
Second Year of Master's Program Global Brand Management Marketing Management
International Business Strategy International Business Management

III.Each semester's course offerings are primarily based on the actual course announcement. For detailed course schedules and locations, please refer to the following website:

IV.Other matters of attention shall be handled in accordance with the regulations outlined in the "National Taiwan University Academic Regulations."
Required and Compulsory and Elective Courses
Recommended Course Schedule



First Year of Master's Program

International Business Management 3
Financial Management 3
Marketing Management 3
Industrial Economics 3
Managerial Accounting 3
International Economics 3
International Financial Investments 3
Academic Ethics -

Second Year of Master's Program

International Business Strategy 3
Global Brand Management 3
Thesis (MBA) 0
Finance and Accounting Concentration: Choose Four from Seven Financial Engineering(Ⅰ) (Finance) 3
Financial Engineering(Ⅱ) (Finance) 3
Stochastic Models of Asset Pricing (Statistics) 3
International Financial Management (Risk Management)
Only acknowledge Curriculum Identity Number 724 U9170
Stochastic Process (Mathematics)
Only acknowledge Curriculum Identity Number 723 M9400
Financial Time Series (Economics) 3
Financial Computation (Information) 3
Selective Courses
Recommended Course Schedule


Economics Macroeconomics 3
Microeconomics 3
Managerial Economics 2
Econometrics 3
Analysis of Knowledge Economy and Human Resource 3
International Business/ Strategy Industry and Competitive Analysis 3
Analysis of Global Business 3
Negotiating World Class Mergers and Acquisitions Deals 3
Merger and Acquisition 3
Platform Strategy and Innovation 3
Finance/ Accounting Financial Statement Analysis 3
Financial Institutions and Markets 3
Games in Finance 3
Seminar in Financial Accounting Standard 3
Financial Computation 3
Marketing Customer Services Marketing 3
Big Data Marketing 3
Quantitative Models in Marketing (Ⅰ) 3
Marketing Research 3
Neural and Behavioral Research in Marketing 2
Credit and Exemption Procedure
Credit Transfer Policy for Master's Program in International Business at National Taiwan University

I.In accordance with the "National Taiwan University Credit Transfer Policy for Students."

II.Students who have completed relevant graduate courses within the five years prior to admission and obtained a grade of A or above may apply for credit transfer for required and elective courses. The approval will be granted by the Institute Director.

III.Students who have completed credit courses at NTU School of Professional Education and Continuing Studies before admission, with a grade of A or above, or ranked in the top 30% of the total enrollment, may apply for credit transfer for required and elective courses. The approval will be granted by the Institute Director.

IV.Credits eligible for transfer must exceed the minimum graduation credits for undergraduate studies. Credits used to obtain other degrees are not eligible for transfer.

V.The maximum allowable transfer credits are 18 credits. Courses exceeding 18 credits can be exempted, but students must make up for other courses.

VI.Students must submit their applications through MyNTU during the first semester of each academic year within the specified application period according to the university calendar. 
Website: → Search for Credit Transfer → Credit Transfer Applications.

VII.Required documents:
i.Master's Credit Transfer Application Form (to be printed after system registration).
ii.Original transcript.
iii.Course syllabus for the courses to be transferred.
iv.Certificate of completion for courses taken in the graduate program (downloadable from, not required if the student was previously from NTU).
v.Graduation credit regulations from the original graduate program (including graduation credits and course requirements).

VIII.Failure to register information with the university's academic system, discrepancies between data and application, incomplete documentation, and applications submitted after the deadline will be considered as failing to pass the review.