〔Notice〕Regarding the Application for Direct-Entry Ph.D. Programs at NTU
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I. Eligibility Criteria
In accordance with Article 3 of NTU Regulations Governing Direct-Entry Ph.D. Programs, eligible applicants must meet the following criteria:
A. Attaining a cumulative GPA in the top third of their associated academic program over the completed period of studies. Each academic program may rank students based on their average grades in required courses, rather than their overall academic grades, and may set more rigorous requirements; or
B. Demonstrating outstanding academic achievement as recognized by the admitting academic program with justifiable cause.

II. Required Documentation
Eligible applicants must submit the following documents:
A. Completed “Application for Direct-Entry Ph.D. Program” form
B. For undergraduate students: academic transcripts for all semesters;
   for graduate students: academic transcripts for at least one semester
C. Two recommendation letters from faculty members at the level of assistant professor or above
D. Additional documentation specified by departments, institutes, or degree programs

III. Submission Deadline
From April 8 to April 15, eligible applicants should submit all required documentation to respective departments, institutes, or degree programs that offer Ph.D. programs.

IV. Contact Information
Mr. Hu, Graduate Academic Affairs Division, Office of Academic Affairs at Tel.: 3366–2388 (on-campus no. 62388) ext. 409.

V. For the Academic Year 2024/2025, National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) has established graduate research fellowship for PH.D. students; NTU has been allocated 113 slots by NSTC. Please make sure to catch up with the latest information.