IMT-BS Summer School 2019!
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IMT-BS Summer School 2019!

A leading French university

Institut Mines-Telecom Business School is a leading higher education institution in management, located in the suburbs of Paris. In 2018 its European Summer School will take place from Monday, June 25th to Friday July 13th.

This program is open to students proficient in the English language who have completed their second year of undergraduate studies.

Students will have the opportunity to attend different levels of French classes, from virtual beginner to advanced, taught by experienced French as a Foreign Language professors.



I.  EU institutions, economy and history (3 hours)

II.  Managing innovation and digital transformation

    Ø Big Data Management

    Ø Internet of Things

    Ø Design Thinking

    Ø Digital Thinking

    Ø Data Privacy

    Ø Sustainable Supply

    Ø Chain and Logistics

    Ø Business Ethics and Sustainable Development

III. French classes for all levels

Whether you are a beginner, an intermediate or advanced French speaker, you will learn or improve your French in small groups with highly experienced professors.

IV.  Study tours

Exciting excursions to

Ø Switzerland (United Nations and International Telecommunication Union) and

Ø Belgium (European Commission and Parliament).