History of Department of Finance

Division of Banking of Department of Business of College of Law in the National Taiwan University was the predecessor of Department of Finance of the National Taiwan University.

1948  Department of Business of College of Law was founded.

1957  Division of Bank Accounting was founded.

1963  Division of Banking was founded.

1985  Department of Finance was founded attached to College of Law.

1990  The graduate school of finance was founded and combined with the department.

1997  The EMBA program begun.

1998  Division of Finance and Division of Financial Engineering were founded by the graduate program.

2001  Division of Insurance was founded by the graduate program, and established Division of Finance, Division of Financial Engineering, and Division of Insurance were established by the doctoral program.

2003  There were a total of 24 full-time teachers (including jointly hired professors), 15 part-time teachers, three teacher assistants, and more than 600 students, which included more than 500 students in university and more than 100 students in graduate school.

Since 1995, Department of Finance remained the first choice for the Business Administration in the College Entrance Examination


The history of Department of Finance at NTU dated back to the era of Department of Business under the College of Law. In 1958, the Department of Business was composed of four divisions: Banking, Business Administration, International Trade, and Accounting. Each division, subsequently, became an independent department in 1985. The Department of Finance was emerged from the division of banking in line with the trend and demand of domestic and international finance.


The Department of Finance was established in 1985. With the rapid change and development of financial industries, financial service has become one of mainstream for economic development. In response to the huge demand of experts in Taiwan, The Graduate Institute of Finance was officially founded in 1990 and the Ph.D. program began its first enrollment in 1993. Furthermore, the EMBA program was launched in 2001 to meet the need of the financial industries, training senior managers seeking up-to-date financial knowledge. Divisions of Financial Engineering and Insurance within the Graduate Institute of Finance have been offered respectively since 1998 and 2001.In 2001, our Ph.D. program was divided into Finance, Financial Engineering and Insurance, but in 2012, we united the courses once again.


In order to keep up with the stream and respond to challenges of the financial industries, our department actively recruits the most excellent faculty members and expands the facilities. We emphasize the interaction between technology and finance, infuse courses with ethical dimensions, and cultivate students’ global perspective. We provide our students with internship programs in summer and winter vacations and offer them abundant scholarship. Our department aims to build future top executives for this country.


Attributed from the collaborative efforts of our faculty members, students and alumni, the Department of Finance is one of the most prestigious and competitive departments in Taiwan. Based upon these achievements and efforts we have had, we expect to become one of the excellent departments in the world.


Full-time: 24

Part-time: 23