With the persistence of every teacher in Department of Finance of NTU, we aim to become the cradle of future financial elites and the leader of the financial sector. We train financial professionals in many areas, such as: financial institutions management, corporate finance, securities investment, insurance, and real-estate. The training of professional managers and research personnel are the missions we will always adhere to. We also continue to evaluate renewals to enhance the quality of research and education. We build professional teaching teams to train students to become professional managers or notable academic and research personnel. In addition, in order to give students a balanced development between theory and practice, Department of Finance of NTU promotes interaction between industry, government, and academia, holding international seminars to promote students’ international perspective and enhance the international status of Department of Finance, National Taiwan University.
Development Objectives

At the insistence of all teachers in our department, the development objectives are as follows:

1. Focusing on becoming the cradle for financial elites and becoming the leader in the financial sector

2. Educating financial professional in multiple fields, other than financial institution management, corporate finance,    securities investment, insurance, real estate management, establishing an institute of insurance and risk management, and increasing the study of insurance-related fields

3. Enhancing the quality of research and education

4. Establishing an excellent professional financial teaching team to educate students to become professional managers

5.Working with different fields, promoting an international perspective, promoting interaction between industry,    government, and academia, and heightening the status of Department of Finance of NTU internationally

Strengthening financial information system courses: In view of the increasingly important role of the information systems in the financial field, we therefore strengthen courses regarding financial information system courses to educate students to become modern financial professionals. We emphasize the integration between fields to cultivate our students to become well-rounded management personnel; we especially emphasize the integration between professional fields, including corporate finance, securities investment analysis, financial institutions and markets, insurance, real estate, financial engineering, and mathematical economics. Enhancement of language abilities: In addition to the needs of professional financial courses, in the face of the future era of global competition, we strengthen students’ foreign language abilities to cater the trend of internationalization of corporations and collaboration with practitioners. Regarding practical experiences, we work with major corporations and banks to have cooperative education and to increase internship opportunities and professional experiences for students.
Academic Activities Corresponding to Financial Trends
In order to promote academic development in finance in Taiwan and strengthen the exchange of academics and practitioners, Department of Finance, starting from 1994, successively hosted four “International Conference on Finance.” In addition to discussing in academic seminars and organizing discussions of practicality and introduction to new financial knowledge by domestic and foreign scholars, we also invited the premier, the CEO of the Central Bank, and Minister of Finance to pledge their commitment to the economic and financial policies. In the conferences, we have invited the Nobel Laureate in Economics, Dr. William Sharp, Dr. Merton Miller, and Dr. Myron Scholes to lecture on financial academic topics. Furthermore, every year, in response to new economic and financial developments, Department of Finance hosts or co-hosts seminars and lectures to increase students’ participation in academic development and to give students opportunities to understand the financial practice.
Cooperation with Industry

Our department of Finance has a long history of working with industrial, governmental, and academic circles. Other than working with the Securities Finance Research Center, the stock exchange, the futures exchange, and the Securities Market Development Foundation, we also have long-term interactions with private institutions to provide students with understandings of industry dynamics.

1.Interaction with the industry: Department of Finance signed contracts with reputable companies, such as: Cathay United Bank, Yuanta Securities, Polaris Securities CO., LTD, Grand Cathay Securities Corporation, Reuters, Ruentex Group, Yi-Fu Asset Management,Hua Nan Bank, IBT Asset Management, Citibank, and Bank SinoPac, to provide students with scholarships, summer and winter internship opportunities, and sponsorships to activities of Our department.

2. Establishing courses: In order to give students understandings of industry dynamics and industry-related companies, like Citibank, each year, Our department of Finance sets up courses like “Substantive discussions of Finance” and “Financial Practices Seminar” to analyze the general industry status through the industrial perspective.

3. Regular lectures: Our department of Finance worked with Polaris Securities and established a financial services group, which held regular seminars to give students clear and concise explanations of the financial market so that students can easily comprehend.