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Graduation Speech/ Graduate School Representative:Chiung-Hua Yu
Published At:2014-06-06 
 2017-02-12 updated

Time flies and two years have passed since we entered to this big family. Although every one has different dream and holds different ambitions, the destiny brings us together here in NTU. We still have lots of unforgettable memory in two years no matter how busy we are in our school works. Thanks to our beloved parents back us up and support us without complaints that we can enjoy learning new knowledge in such a good environment. Whenever we felt upset, we can always get lots of encouragements and blessings from them. Love from parents motivates us to improve ourselves to become a better person. We are soon about to walk out of gate and step into society and this makes me remind of the first time I step on the campus just like it happens few minutes ago. Our teachers devotes themselves to teaching us and taking good care of us, which all make us make lots of progress both in study or building our personalities. There is an old saying goes, “The contributions teacher gives to us are as high as the sky, and the kindness they have is as deep as ocean.” If we make any achievements in the future, I will attribute them to our teacher. To our teachers, thank you for all the efforts in bringing us a step further to our education life.

In the end, I want to thank for my lovely classmates. Thanks for helping, supporting each other when we were all overwhelmed by endless papers and homework. Thanks for accompanying each other in the most colorful and memorable years. As a saying goes, ”all good things must come to an end.” I hope our friendship can last forever and keep in a close touch no matter how busy we are. Graduating from school is not an end but opening a new page of our life.

 Always keep a brave and passionate attitude to accept things in the future no matter how hard it is and keep our mind bright to accept the upcoming challenges.