Customized Specific Program

Customized Specific Programs

The Customized Specific Programs (CSP) are designed to meet the company’s needs for strategic development, transformation and growth. Before proceeding with its customized design, SEED will first discuss with the company and analyze their requirements, taking into account flexibility in course schedule. In terms of training methods, all learning activities are focused on discussions, retrospection and mutual inspiration. Case studies for the courses are designed using actual cases that have occurred in similar industries or within the company. Mobile programs are also arranged to support learning, so as to ensure the effectiveness of training and to solidify the management ability of the business leaders.

The Flow of Course Design


Systematic Course Framework


NTU’s College of Management boasts its top-class faculty, solid research basis and abundant industrial resources. SEED’s CSP programs provide a systematic framework to its clients to ensure effective business management.


SEED, NTU has built up cooperative relationships with companies in the following industries:



  • Financial Services
  • Media
  • Internet-related
  • Electronic Manufacturing
  • Educational Service
  • Semi-conductors
  • Technology
  • Health and medical services
  • Computer and peripherals
  • Engineering/Construction