About SEED

A Platform for Developing the Leadership and Management Competence of Senior Executives


The Service for Executive Education Development (“SEED”) was established in 2012, aiming to providing a platform for sharing leadership and management expertise by senior business executives. Through this platform, SEED endeavors to fulfill its commitment to develop senior leaders and optimize the educational dynamics accumulated over the years by NTU’s College of Management. Based on the specific development requirements of different companies, SEED offers tailored services including non-degree and non-credit programs.


SEED provides two main types of service, the Customized Specific Programs (CSP) and Open Enrollment Programs (OEP).


The Customized Specific Programs (CSP) provide task design services and strategic HR solutions based on the specific requirements of the company. The Open Enrollment Programs (OEP), on the other hand, are highly-influencing programs specifically designed for developing senior business leaders. Through its exclusive learning programs, OEP offers to its participants the “double bonus” of a highly efficient learning environment and a widespread elite network. So far, SEED offers two OEP courses, the “Global Executive Program” and the “Leadership Succession Program”.


Program Highlights


Customized Design

The programs are designed based on the needs of the company, which are identified and analyzed through interactions and discussions with the related personnel. Case studies for the courses are designed using actual cases occurred in similar industries or happened within the company. 

Interactive Learning

Case studies and discussions constitute the major a major part of the learning. The programs focus on multi-faceted education, including sharing of ideas, introspection, mutual-inspiration, leadership experience transfer and cross-disciplinary exchange.

Integrated Teaching Resources

To optimize the learning effectiveness, SEED has integrated the resources of highly-influencing teaching staff from NTU’s College of Management and external organizations. Where necessary, outstanding business leaders within or outside of the company are also engaged to facilitate the training programs.

Superior Learning Environment

To ensure highly-motivated learning, SEED provides excellent training facilities including amphitheater training venue, space for discussion and rest, as well as delicate food services.