Participants Feedback
Feedback by the Participants

The four modules of the Group Executive Program are carried out in different schools, so that the participants are exposed to the different culture of these schools. Diversified learning is an indispensable part of life nowadays, particularly for business leaders. The Program provides a platform for business leaders across the strait to unreservedly share their knowledge and experience in different industries. The network among the schools, the instructors and course participants, furthermore, will be a most valuable asset of the course participants after the completion of the Program.  -Paul S. L. Peng, Chairman and CEO of AU Optronics Corp.

As the leader of a company with a history of 30-31 years, GEP is a journey for learning and self-reflection. We are inspired to make in-depth thinking and to apply the learnings when running a Company. We’ve greatly benefited from the Program. -Chen Mei-chi, Chairman of Chenbro Micom Co., Ltd.

It is a solid and well-designed program which is inspirational to and well-recognized by all participants, in Taiwan or from China. Through the courses in the four world-reputed business schools, the participants have not only broadened their perspectives, but have also had a good exchange and learning which help to promote mutual support and cooperation for business development in the future.-Lin Chao-wei, Chairman and President of Kwantex Research Inc.

GEP is an excellent program. It provides a platform for business succession. I have greatly benefited from the learning in NTU and Peking University. We have, in the meantime, met a lot of entrepreneurs across the strait. They are our life-long friends and good partners in both learning and venturing. -Chang Yu-mei, Chairwoman of Ten Chen Medical Group

The Program integrates the resources from the four most influential schools in the world, including a closely-simulated market environment and outstanding faculty. The elites from Taiwan, Hong Kong and China are enabled to learn and brainstorm together. We are facing an environment full of uncertainty. Uninterrupted learning and innovation is the only way to build up the growing curves for the individual, the company and the society. -Magi Chen, CFO of the E-Sun FHC