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2017 JUN_Newsletter for GEP
Published At:2017-06-15 
 2017-10-31 updated

SEED, NTU Is Now Accepting Applications for the “2017 Global Executive Program” (GEP).


SEED, NTU hosted a briefing for the 2017 (7th) session of the Global Executive Program (GEP) on May 13, 2017 at the C. C. Hong Memorial Hall on the tenth floor of NTU’s College of Management. SEED, NTU welcomes highly-motivated business executives to enroll in the program, including chairpersons, presidents, CEOs and new-generation successors thereof. This is a good opportunity for participants to create a second curve for him or herself and for their company, taking advantage of social networks and a learning platform that gathers business leaders from Taiwan, Hong Kong and the Mainland. The platform also offers channels for connecting people, sharing resources, cooperating and demonstrating corporate responsibilities, and helping increase the influence of Chinese-owned enterprises in the world.

For enrollment in the GEP of SEED, NTU, please consult (02) 3366-1729 or visit its official website