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2017 MAY_Newsletter
Published At:2017-05-15 
 2017-10-31 updated

Trainees from HP, Inc. Experienced Online Simulation for Marketing Decision-Making and Challenged “Winning Strategies.”


As part of the “Growing Innovative Leaders Program” designed by SEED, NTU for HP, Inc., the “Marketing Innovation Module” and “Business Strategies Module” were held, respectively, on March 3-4 and April 21-22, 2017. The “Marketing Innovation Module” was facilitated by instructor Huang Jiung-yao. In the simulation process, trainees felt the atmosphere for decision-making in practice. Through mobile learning, they became deeply aware that “Self-positioning is a matter of humanity.” In the “Business Strategy Module,” facilitated by instructor Tang Ming-je, trainees learned to optimize their thinking ability and explored strategic planning and strategic structures. The instructor also explained competitive dynamics and strategies before he led the discussion on business models and strategic innovation. Case studies on platform strategies and multi-sided platforms were conducted at a later stage.