2017 MAR_Newsletter
Published At:2017-03-15 
 2017-11-16 updated
The NTU module of the 2016 Global Executive Program was completed successfully and considered by students as a learning experience closely linked to the market.

     After spending 8 months learning together across the sea, the students of the sixth session of the 2016 Global Executive Program proceeded to the NTU module of “Achieving Transformational Growth and Corporate Inheritance” which was held during February 20-24, 2017. The NTU module summed up eight challenges enterprise executives often encounter and planned its curriculum themes based on these 8 major business issues which include technological development, international politics and economics, strategic analysis and planning, business model innovation, cultural value inheritance, difficulties in transformation, sustainable management and development and lack of managing talents.

     In the closing ceremony of the NTU module, Dr. Guo, the dean of the College of Management of NTU, encouraged students to cherish these family like classmates and become partners supporting each other in the future, to apply what they learned in business development and in their practices, and more importantly to do good for the society and fulfill corporate social responsibility and contribute to the society.