2017 JAN_Newsletter
Published At:2017-01-06 
 2017-11-16 updated
The HP program initiated innovation. The Fudan Entrepreneur Program discussed brand management

  HP Inc. designed thinking and learned innovation.

     The Growing Innovative Leaders Program planned by NTU SEED for HP Inc. finally came to its fourth module of Service Innovation. A two-day workshop held during December 9-10 taught the skills of Design Thinking, which help HP students learn about innovation in “the designed thinking model”. The module was led by the dean of the College of Management of NTU, Dr. Guo Ruey-Shan, and cooperated with NTU D-School instructors to take students to do field interview in the form of case study on the NTU campus to look for needs, define questions, develop ideas and put these ideas into practices and then to show the results to target audiences and interact with them to understand their needs and improvement suggestions and thus to “internalize” designed thinking by practical experience.

 The Entrepreneur Program of the Fudan University discussed the management of Chinese brands.

     The Entrepreneur Program of the School of Management of Fudan University worked with NTU SEED and conducted a seminar on the management of Chinese brands during December 16-17. The students of the seminar were all senior managers from Chinese enterprises. The two-day seminar was first led by Dr. Hsieh Ming-Huei, the associate dean of the College of Management of NTU, to discuss, on the basis of the experience of the Franz Collection Inc. creating its international own brand, the history, strategic logics and relevant brand positioning strategies of Chinese enterprises building global brands. What followed up was the case study lead by Professor Lin J. from the Department of International Business of NTU to explore the brand development of Chinese enterprises from the four perspectives of brand thinking, brand strategies, service experience, and service marketing. In addition, students had the special opportunity of visiting the Taiwanese company HTC and communicating with its personnel to understand the company’s brand history and experience its virtual reality system VIVE. Through the platform of NTU SEED, senior managers from across the Taiwan Strait were able to meet to broaden their business cooperative network and enhance the sustainable management and development of Chinese businesses from across the Strait.