2016 DEC_Newsletter
Published At:2016-12-15 
 2017-11-16 updated
Cyntec and HP students said that they had learned a lot from the NTU SEED business programs which were very practical

      The Oxford-Said module of the NTU SEED open enrollment program the Global Executive Program had the theme of “Past, Present and Future” and was held in the Said Business School in Oxford during November 13-18. The curriculum content includes the Mindset of The Great Britain’s Rise, the Response and Inspiration of the Britain in the Big Global Backdrop, the Modern Global Challenge and Reaction, Private Equity, Building Cross-Cultural Competencies, Global Financial Risk Management and Crisis Management and Corporate Reputation Management.

     The two-module program tailored for Cyntec Co., Ltd. aimed to help its senior executives develop management capability. The first module was completed during April 15-16 this year, and the second module held during November 11-12 with the theme of Growth Strategies and Business Leadership was taught by Professor Lee Ji-Ren from the Department of International Business of NTU. A senior executive from Cyntec expressed his feeling towards the second module and said that he had benefited a lot from Professor Lee’s enthusiastic, systematic, logic, and brainstorming teaching those two days to lead students to think, to inspire their imagination and to change students’ thinking habits.

     In addition, the third module of Team Performance in HP’s Growing Innovative Leaders Program was taught by Professor Liu, Shuen-Zen from the Department of Accounting of NTU during November 18-19. Professor Liu combined the philosophy in Sun Tzu’s Art of War with the figure stories in Historical Records, compared the financial statements and performances of modern leading enterprises, introduced the concept of integrating the organizational culture with strategies and performance evaluation systems, and led students to practice discovering the story behind the data of financial statements. His teaching was alive and interesting, and students gave a lot of feedback.