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2017 NOV_ Newsletter
Published At:2017-11-16 
 2017-11-16 updated
“2017 Global Executive Program” Wharton module – Leading into the Future: Global Market Innovation and Leadership

        After completing Guanghua module “Understanding China and Yourself” for the 2017 Global Executive Program, executives who participated in the program internalized what they learned over a period of two months before they packed up their bags and traveled to the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, USA for the Wharton module entitled “Leading into the Future: Global Market Innovation and Leadership”, which took place from September 24 to 29, 2017. Led by Associate Dean of Executive and Career Development Office (ECDO) Chiu-ling Lu and Prof. Ming-je Tang from International Business, course participants traveled abroad where Wharton School lecturer Mauro F Guillen imparted his business management wisdom on “Leading into the Future: Global Market Innovation and Leadership” to students. The curriculum encompasses the identification of macroeconomic trends and business opportunities from a world perspective, as well as key thinking in ensuring organizational flexibility, innovation competition, digital marketing and financial assessment.