NTU to Relax Anti-COVID-19 Measures on Gatherings and Others
Activity day:2020-05-22 
Published At:2020-05-22 
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As COVID-19 is under stable control in Taiwan, NTU will relax some of its measures against the pandemic.

Starting May 18, classes, meetings, and club activities of 100 participants or fewer can be held physically on campus. However, remote learning or videoconferencing remain an option for activities which have been moved online.

Starting May 16, sports facilities on campus will become accessible to NTU students, faculty, staff, alumni, and paying members:

  1. Sports Center: Each sports room/venue is open to a maximum of 60 users.
  2. Gymnasium: The general court is open to a maximum of 40 users, and each of the other sports room/venue is accessible to no more than 20 users.
  3. Outdoor Swimming Pool: The pool is accessible to 60 users at most.

Access control on the main campus will be relaxed as well:

  1. Starting May 16, non-NTU members will be permitted to enter the campus via the Main Entrance and the Xinhai Road Entrance after ID card barcode scanning and temperature check.
  2. The existing measures are still valid for others to access the campus via the seven entrances, and visitors for official university affairs should present supporting documents upon entry.
  3. All buildings on campus should still implement identity and temperature check, as well as require visitors to fill out the “Severe Special Infectious Pneumonia (COVID-19) Prevention Form.”
  4. All visitors should keep social distance (or wear a medical mask) on campus.

Please maintain appropriate social distance and personal health/hygiene when hosting or participating in events on campus. NTU will make timely changes to its anti-COVID-19 measures according to epidemic development.