Job Title Name Responsibilities Contact
Teaching Assistant Chia-Chi Hsu Accounting, Purchase & General affairs, Spatial planning, Course arrangement, Cash management
Teaching Assistant Yen-Chun Kuo Service class I, II & III, Department & Strategy Conference Arrangement,Seminar & Conference Affairs,Personnel Affairs, Performance appraisal Affairs, Official Documents Handling, Group activities and Celebrations
Computer Assistant Hong-Ling Huang Website, server & Internet maintenance and updating, Computer devices management, setting up & maintenance, Computer devices purchase, Teaching and studying building of NTU General affairs, Technique of Newsletter, Electronic Signboard
Administrative Specialist Wan-Yi Fang college and graduate Affairs
Senior Clerk Bonnie Tsai Higher Education Sprout Project, PhD Conferences(BBL), Seminar, Educational evaluations(AACSB), Application of reward of college academic performance.Exchange students Affairs, Joint degree program Application
Senior Clerk Reena Fang Scholarship, Students affairs, Internships, Newsletter Editing, Internship Affairs, Student Association activities and Sports competition, Mr. Yun-Hsuan Sun Management Memorial Lecture affairs