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Chun-Yao Huang
Ph.D. PhD., London Business School
Office : Building II, College of Management 1107
Tel : 02-33661066
Fax : 02-23625379
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Research Field
• Business's Digital Development and Transformation
• Quantitative Models for Marketing
• Customer Base Analysis
Research Field Summary
• PhD., London Business School
• Digital Marketing
• Digital Technology and Customer Management
• Management in the Digital Era 
• Marketing Innovation
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Conference Paper
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Journal Paper
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Book Paper
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Technical Report
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  1. 黃俊堯, 2024, 「關於生成式人工智慧的常識:它擅長表達,但缺乏常識」 【獨立評論@天下】
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  3. 黃俊堯, 2024, 「伊莉莎白女王的質問:專家為何總沒法做出準確預測?」 【獨立評論@天下】
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