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James J. Jiang
Ph.D. PhD, University of Cincinnati, U.S.
Office : Building II, College of Management 1116
Tel : 02-33661051
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Research Field
• Project, program and portfolio management
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• PhD, University of Cincinnati, U.S.
• Program Management
• Project Management
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Professor James J. Jiang is the Fu-Bon Endowed Chair of College of Management, National Taiwan University. Prior to join the NTU, he was the Distinguished Professor of IS at Australian National University, Australia and Research Professor of IS at University of Central Florida, U.S. Prof. Jiang's research interests are IS Project/Program Management. He has published over 200 academic journal articles on these areas. Prof. Jiang has been ranked by articles appeared in Communication of Associations of Information Systems and European Journal of Information Systems in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, and 2011 as one of the most productive IS researchers globally. Based upon Harzing Publish or Perish, Professor Jiang has received more than 5000 total citations from his published articles (i.e., h-index = 41). He has served as Senior Editor of MIS Quarterly (MISQ) (i.e., the most prestigious journal in the Information Systems fields), guest Senior Editor of Journal of Management Information Systems (JMIS) and Journal of Association of Information Systems (JAIS) on IT Project/Program Management (i.e., JMIS and JAIS are among the top-four journals in the IS field). Currently, he serves as a Senior Editor of Journal of Association of Information Systems (JAIS).
Conference Paper
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Journal Paper
  1. Goode, S. C.-H. Lin, J. C.A. Tsai, J.J. Jiang, February 2015, Rethinking the Role of Security in Client Satisfaction with Software-as-a-Service(SaaS) Providers, Decision Support Systems, 73 - 85.
  2. Jiang, J., H.G. Chen, J. Chang, and G. Klein, December 2014, Achieving IT Program Goals with Integrative Conflict Management, Journal of Management Information Systems, 79 - 106.
  3. Shih, S.P., Lee, T., Jiang, J.J., and Klein, G., September 2014, Information Technology Customer Aggression: The Importance of an Organizational Climate of Support, Information & Management, 670 - 678.
  4. Chang, J., Jiang, J.J., Klein, G., and Wang, E.T.C, 2014, Do Too Many Goals Spoil the Program? A Case Study of Enterprise System Implementation with Multiple Interdependent Projects, Information & Management, 465 - 578.
  5. Goode, S., Lin, C., Fernandez, W., and Jiang, J.J., 2014, Exploring Two Explanations of Loyalty in Application Service Provision, European Journal of Operational Research, 649 - 657.
  6. Parolia, N., J. Jiang, and G. Klein, December 2013, The Presence and Development of Competency in IT Programs, Journal of Systems and Software, 3140 - 3150.
  7. Shih, S.P., J.J. Jiang, G. Klein, and E.T..G. Wang, November 2013, Job Burnout of the Information Technology Worker: Work Exhaustion, Depersonalization, and Personal Accomplishment, Information & Management, 582 - 589.
  8. Klein, G., Jiang, J.J., Cheney, P., December 2009, Resolving Difference Score Issues in Information Systems, MIS Quarterly, 811 - 826.
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