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PHD BBL:Getting Your International Entrepreneurship Research Published
Published At:2018-05-23 
 2018-09-14 updated

At first, thanks to Professor Liu assisting to set this speech. It’s our pleasure to invite Professor of Reuber Strategic Management Prof. Rebecca Reuber from the University of Toronto to have an academic lecture in Graduate Institute of Business Administration. Prof. Rebecca used “Getting Your International Entrepreneurship Research Published” as her topic.

In the beginning of the lecture, Prof. Rebecca asked attendant that whether they had the same question, including the hot topics for the startup in the world, the potential of using qualitative research in the international journals, the development of research under china way, inspiration of teaching in entrepreneurship and what theories are fit in the research of the scenarios in international business.

There are two parts in the lecture: one part is the researching history of Enterprises Internationalization, and the other part is how to get research published. 

First part: The researching history of Enterprises Internationalization:

In the early stage, the journals researching Enterprises Internationalization focus on the stage of expanding, investigating the enterprises starting to develop their market overseas and using case study method to figure out that enterprises can get the resources during globalization. At this stage, we found out that many factors will affect enterprises internationalization, and therefore enterprises need to learn different experience to get into the different market.  

Around middle age, topics of the research move to emerging market from investigating the motivation of the internationalization. We started to investigate emerging market brought potential opportunity for the motivation of internationalization and New Product Development(NPD). Prof. Reuber emphasized the issue of International Business can combine with the research of Entrepreneurship Oriented, and implied actually Entrepreneurship Oriented is a proactive process, leading cooperate develop to a different direction.

Nowadays, research mainly focuses on how to use existing theory and model to forecast in the emerging market. 

Second Part: How to get research published

First, there are many different ways to submit the research to the publisher. For example, some journals allow researchers submit their proposal, and then continuous edit and correct during the research.

Second, as a reviewer, there are a few advantages: 1. An interviewer can understand the new trend and the development of the new method in the specific research field. 2. An interviewer can also advance their ability to do research. 

Third, the introduction in the journal should be clear and simple, but valuable. It should point out how important this research is and what points can be fixed by this research, and then illustrate this research can connect new and old knowledge.  

In the end, thanks to Prof. Rebecca Reuber again for her introduction and explanation. It increased and strengthened the understanding of International Entrepreneurship Research. Also thanks Prof. Liu for holding this lecture.

Translated by Daniel Hu, student of year B05