Chinese Course

All NTU exchange/visiting students are eligible to take a NTU Chinese Course, which is a regular academic course with credits. If you select your willingness to enroll in a NTU Chinese course on the application form, you will be automatically enrolled after you complete the registration and placement test. We currently offer courses at a variety of levels in General Chinese, Enhancing Chinese and Applied Chinese courses. Students are assigned to an appropriate level after a placement test.

There is no need to select the General or Enhancing Chinese Courses in Online Course Selection System. Your Chinese placement test results will appear on the NTU course selection system one week after the placement test. Please make sure to “confirm” your results on the system as soon as possible. Any time conflicts with your class schedule is not allowed. If you would like to add or drop the course, please follow NTU course selection regulations. If you are taking the General Chinese Course at NTU for the first time, you must complete the registration and take the placement test.

If your Chinese language proficiency is of good level, taking the Applied Chinese courses is another option.

You may also choose to take additional Chinese courses offered to international students. The Office of International Affairs of the University currently oversees all Learning Chinese at NTU program. For further information, please visit OIA website.

Students who wish to take the course are required to register and take the placement test on the designated date and place. (Bring Student ID Card or Admission Letter and a pen.) For more information please visit HERE.
Course Information

  1. NTU international students are eligible to take NTU General Chinese Courses up for one year. Students who have taken General/Enhancing Chinese courses for the first semester will be automatically enrolled in the second semester to next level.

  2. Morning and evening classes offer the same content at the same level. They only differ in their class time.

  3. General Chinese Courses at NTU usually award no more than three credits; however, your home institution may reevaluate or determine your transfer credits differently.

  4. Enhancing Chinese Courses at NTU award one credit; however, your home institution may reevaluate or determine your transfer credits differently.

  5. Your Chinese placement test results will appear on the NTU course selection system one week after you take the test. Please make sure to confirm your results on the Course Selection System as soon as possible. If you would like to add or drop the course, please follow NTU course selection procedure.

  6. If you have any time conflicts between General Chinese Course (and Enhancing Course) and other NTU courses (even one-hour conflict is not accepted by the system—both the classes which conflict with each other will be both cancelled automatically), please follow the NTU course selection regulation to drop and add classes by deadline: Step (1) ask for the permission number from the new teacher; Step (2) drop the class you do not want online; Step (3) add the new class online

  7. Those who do not attend the General Chinese Course are not able to take the Enhancing Course.

  8. If you are a degree student, you may enroll in General Chinese Courses from the first semester and take the course continuously up to 2 semesters.


Course Syllabi

General Chinese Course

 [ English Syllabus ]   [ Chinese Syllabus ]

Enhancing Chinese Course

 [ English Syllabus ]   [ Chinese Syllabus ]