Practial Documents
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Exchange Program Fact Sheet
Online Application Guideline

Online Course Selection Guide

A comprehensive guide that tells you how to go through the course selection.

Course Units and Hours

A timetable for course units and hours.

Visa Extension Form

Early Leave Request Form

Fill out the form and have it signed by your home university and then turn it in to the CoM OIA contact person.

Temporary Leave Form

If you leave during semester to somewhere and will miss one or two classes, you can have this form signed by the professor(s) first and hand it in to the NTU coordinator.

NTU Special Request Form

You may use this form to appeal for special assistance from the university. 

Taiwan entry permit application form

PRC passport holders should apply for this permit to enter Taiwan.
Reporting a Missing Student ID Card

Follow the procedure and pay the fee online for requesting a new student ID card.
Health exam procedure at NTU hospital

If you wish to do the health check-up in Taiwan, NTU hospital is an option.
Deregistraion Form

Follow the procedure and have it stamped by the offices.