Application Period

September 30, 2024 - January 23, 2025

Please read the Online Application Procedure before filling in the online application form.

Please note that once you have submitted your application, you cannot make any changes to it.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at
Step 0 - Create your Account
1. Create a new account
2. Go to your mailbox for verification
3. Set your password with at least 1 upper case letter, 1 lower case letter, and 1 number. 
Step 1 - Application Form
1. Login and fill in the application form
2. Please fill in the contact information with your HOME COUNTRY (City Country and Zip Code)!
3. Save the information and move to step 2
Step 2 - Application Fee
1. Check again the information and click "Save and Pay"
2. Fill in the credit card detail and click "To Pay"

Do not leave the page or close the window until you see the window shows you have successfully paid.
Step 3 - Upload Documents
1. Login again and click the Continue button
2. Check the detail and click "Next"
3. Upload all the required documents:
    (1) A 2-inch portrait photo in JPEG/JPG file with high resolution.
         (The photo will be used for your NTU student card)
    (2) An English official transcript or English proof of current college enrollment from your university in PDF file. 
 If applicants are alumni, please provide a copy of your diploma.
Step 4 - Select Professor (Just click "save" to move to the next step)
Our program doesn't need to choose any professor, please just click save to move to the next step.
Step 5 - View and Submit
1. View your application detail and click "Submit", and then click "OK"
2. Successfully send the application!
Step 6 - Pay for Program Fee

After reviewing the documents, NTU will send email to inform the applicants of the decision.
Please pay the program fee within 5 working days after receiving the acceptance notice.

You can pay the program fee via "online credit card payment" or "bank wire transfer and upload the remittance receipt to the application system for payment confirmation. 

* If you pay the program fee by bank wire to Hua Nan Commercial Bank, NTU Branch, please note that you need to consider exchange rate discrepancy and the wire fees charged by your bank and Hua-Nan bank. Hua-Nan bank may charge additional USD 20 wire fee.The payments must include the wire fee about TWD600 ( ≒USD20) charged by the Bank.

Step 7 - Admission Procedure

Please provide all the necessary documents for admission by January 23

NTU will send the admission letter and course-related information to your email address.