Program Dates: July 5 - August 1, 2020


Application Period:January 10 – April 30, 2020



Step 1 - Register

Fill in the online application form.(Before you start, please read Application Procedure)

*The e-mail address and date of birth you provide here will be your account and password to log in.

*Please note that once you have submitted your application, you cannot make any changes to it. If there are any errors, you should email to


Step 2 - Application Fee

Pay the application fee USD150 by credit card, please click「Online credit card payment 」.


Step 3 - Upload Documents

Upload all the required documents:

  1. A headshot photo in JPEG file with high resolution. (The photo will be used for your NTU student card)
  2. An official transcript or a proof of current college enrollment in English from your university in PDF file.

The submitted documents will be reviewed by NTU and we will send the acceptance/rejection notice afterwards.


Step 4 - Check Status

You may log in to check your application status:

Account:E-mail address

Password:Date of Birth ( YYYYMMDD )

If you wish to apply for the accommodation, please click it. If not, the accommodation fee of USD250 will be deducted from tuition. 

Step 5 - Payment

Please pay the program fee within 5 working days after receiving the acceptance notice.

You can pay the program fee via "online credit card payment" or "bank wire transfer and upload the remittance receipt to the application system for payment confirmation. The payments must include the wire fee about TWD600 ( USD20) charged by the Bank.

Please note that students of Mainland China nationality should pay TWD1000 application fee for ROC Exit/Entry Permit.


Step 6 - Admission Procedure

Please provide all the necessary documents for admission by May 10

NTU will send the admission letter, pre-departure guide to your mailing address.

* Please note that students of Mainland China nationality will receive a ROC Exit/Entry Permit, please remember to apply for《大陸居民往來台灣通行證》, if you wish to depart from Mainland China.