2019 TSMC Summer Internship: Corporate Finance, Accounting, Financial BD
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Wanna witness the enormous growth opportunities in advanced technology developments?

Wanna unleash your creativity and apply what you’ve learned in school?

Wanna be part of a world-class finance team?

Join TSMC, these will come true.

1.Corporate Finance

TSMC Finance offers a 2-month Summer Intern Program in HsinChu, Taiwan. In this program, you will not only attend a series of training sessions introducing the fundamental of corporate finance and emphasizing on the skillset you need to become a future corporate financier, but also be in charge of a comprehensive project to provide solutions to create value and influence business.


As a member of TSMC Finance, you will co-work selectively with team members specializing in corporate finance, customer credit, investment management, foreign exchange, financial risk management, cash management, insurance, and SEC compliance. You will have a senior level mentor and peer level buddy as your bridges to connect with people within and/or beyond Finance. We are committed to be your resourceful partner during this intensive and rewarding journey.


Ready to pave your way to a bright and value-added career? Apply to the program and get to know more about your future opportunities in TSMC.


1. MBA or Master in Finance students

2. Excellent communication skills in both English and Mandarin

3. Logical thinking and self-motivated

4. Banking or corporate finance related experiences (preferred)



The Accounting Internship program is an eight-week program designed to prepare highly talented Finance / Accounting background students for a career in corporate accounting. Interns will be assigned to specific department based on the candidate’s background, skill set and interests. The assignment will be project-based, relevant to managerial accounting, tax planning or IFRS related, allow you to take responsibility for a major task. And you will experience a sense of personal accomplishment as well as TSMC’s culture through project assignment and structured activities.



1. Working toward an Accounting or Finance Degree and have completed courses within major

2. Proficiency in MS Excel and MS PowerPoint

3. Strong written and verbal communication skills in English and Mandarin


3. Finance Business Development

This program will give you the opportunity to immerse in the frontline of semiconductor process technology including Moore’s Law and More-than-Moore and experience the real-life business analysis for shaping up TSMC’s strategy for future growth.

In the meantime, it will sharpen your critical thinking and deepen your understandings in mobile communication (e.g. Smartphone), high performance computing (e.g. Data Center), autonomous driving, and Internet of things (IoT).

You may be assigned to a project in any of the following areas: 

  1. Mobile, Data Center, Automotive, IoT IC supply chain analysis
  2. Foundry market analysis in technology, price, cost, product portfolio, capex, capacity
  3. Top IC vendor’s financial modeling and M&A study



1.     Business (e.g. Finance, MBA) + Engineering background (e.g. EE, Computer Science, Material Science & Mechanical Engineering preferred)

2.     Strategic thinking and excellent communication skills

3.     Good at Excel and presentation

4.     Self-motivated, willing to accept challenges, and can-do attitude


Ready to pave your way to a bright and value-added career? Apply to the program and get to know more about your future opportunities in TSMC:

(Please complete below process)

(1) Send your English CV to yjlinzzf@tsmc.com
*e-mail Subject: [2019 Internship Application] Role(s) you apply for_your full name. e.g. [2019 Internship Application] Corporate Finance, Accounting_Monica Lin
*Please kindly advise your English & Mandarin ability in application e-mail

*Applicants should be eligible to work in Taiwan (for non-Taiwanese interns who are eligible, we’ll help with work permit application)

(2) Fill out your resume on tsmc website and apply for “2019 Internship Program”: https://goo.gl/t3zw93