Fact & Figures
The Office of International Affairs was established in 2004, taking charge of international collaboration and partnership, student exchange programs, accreditations, and international scholars.
The international collaboration strategies framed by the College of Management promote international academic exchanges. In 2010, the College became an accredited member of AACSB, the benchmark of business schools quality among the academic community. The College of Management, with this effort, has gained international recognition by many educational organizations. The College has allied with universities in Europe, North America, and Asia, sharing academic resources globally with these partner institutions. 

The College of Management has a partnership with more than 110 renowned business schools from more than 28 countries. We work closely with some of the best business schools globally and welcome around 200 exchange students per year in our undergraduate and graduate program. 

Our Mission
  • Overseeing the College-Level Student Exchange Programs
  • Offering Diverse Dual-Degree Programs
  • Orchestrating Summer Program and Short-Term Study Programs
  • Participating in International Organizations
  • Involving in Other International Opportunities and Initiatives for Students, Faculty, and Staff
Academic Activities

The “Global LEAD Summer program” has been established since 2013, organized by the College of Management. The program has been enriched with courses on popular topics such as business platform, business Innovation & Entrepreneurship since 2015.
In 2017, the College of Management started the “Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Sustainability program” enriched with courses related to business sustainability. Company visits are organized during the program, providing students the opportunity to reach Asian business culture. This program may create brand awareness for local Taiwanese firms as well. Students come over from all around the world to NTU for the short-term program annually. 

In response to the trend of the post-pandemic market, the College of Management designs ESG Investing Summer Program, which will lead students to explore the key issues and policies that drive ESG Investing. Through a combination of cases, guest speakers, and lectures, students will learn the fundamental concepts underlying ESG, environmental sustainability, strategic governance, and social responsibility. 

The College of Management is dedicated to providing diverse international exchange opportunities for students from NTU and our partner universities through case competitions and other academic activities.


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