NTU College of Management has established a dynamic College-Level (Discipline-Specific) program of collaborations with leading business schools from around the world. The Exchange Program allows you to study abroad at one of our partner schools for one semester.
Exchange Program: Purpose
To offer students with good academic records and proficient foreign language skills the opportunity to study at one of our partner schools, as a way of nurturing global views and promoting cultural and academic exchange.
Exchange Destinations
Please refer to the latest announcement on the main page, NTU College of Management has a total of 116 partner schools, around 100 of which with valid exchange agreements.
Exchange Term
NTU CoM Students can participate in the Exchange Program for ONE semester.

Students participating in the exchange program are exempt from tuition fees at the host schools, but are required to pay tuition fees to National Taiwan University and other associated living costs in host country also apply.

The costs for your exchange period will depend on your exchange destination and your own spending habits.


Credit systems between NTU and the host school may vary, therefore, it is not guaranteed that the credit units obtained at the host school can be transferred back to NTU. Students should discuss credit transfers with their departments prior to departure for the exchange program. Credit transfer is subject to the regulations of National Taiwan University and the College of Management.

  • No scholarships are offered by NTU College of Management for the exchange program.
  • Accepted students may apply for National Taiwan University Voyage of Aspirations Scholarship for Exchange Students, MOE Outgoing Exchange Student Financial Assistance Grant, Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association Scholarship for Short-Term Exchange Students, etc. Please refer to the latest announcement on the main page.
Pre-Departure Information