List of courses will be available a month prior to registration. Details of all courses offered by NTU are available in our

 Online Course Information system


Exchange students are not allowed to enroll in the following 6 types of courses:

 Distance learning courses

 Teacher education program courses

 Continuing education courses

 EMBA courses

 Required courses of GMBA(will be shown in the course information system)

 Practical training courses from the School of Medicine


Course Selection

1. There are two phases of the course selection process: the preliminary online course selection and the add/drop period

2. Preliminary Online Course Selection takes place approximately one month prior to the commencement of classes.

3. The add/drop period takes place for the first two weeks of the semester, where students are free to add courses with consent from individual instructors or to drop courses online.

4. By the end of the course add/drop period, students are required to confirm their course choices. Dropping courses after this period will result in a "W" mark on the transcript. 

5. Please see the course selection section for further information. 


Credit System

At NTU, each course is normally worth 3 credits and meets 3 hours per week over 18 weeks (one semester).


1 credit = 1 contact hour per week over 18 weeks

1 NTU credit = 2 ECTS (For Reference Only)

1 NTU credit = 1 credit hour (North American credit system)


Course Load

Exchange students are required to register for a minimum of 4 NTU credits and a maximum of 25 NTU credits per semester during the exchange. College of Management does not require exchange students to take courses only within the college. You are free to take courses offered from other colleges of NTU, but  we strongly advise you to check with your home school regarding requirements on course load while studying in NTU. Normally, exchange students take 3-5 courses per semester during the study abroad period.



The assessment of performance varies:

 written or take-home exams,

 progress reports,

 oral presentations,

 group reports and essays.

Eexamination Periods normally fall in:

  • Fall Semester: Mid-November and Mid-January
  • Spring Semester: Mid-April and Mid-June


Under special circumstances, when students cannot stay until the end of the scheduled examination period, students must inform the instructors at the beginning of the semester and see if an alternative exam can be arranged. The Office of International Affairs will not become involved in matters pertaining to individual instructors’ decisions on such arrangements.


Grading System

National Taiwan University use a letter grading system. Please use the numerical equivalents as reference only.

A+ = 4.3 A = 4.0 A- = 3.7
B+ = 3.3 B = 3.0 B- = 2.7
C+ = 2.3 C = 2.0 C- = 1.7
B- / C- Lowest Passing Grade
W Withdrawal
X Fail (Not graded due to unexcused absences or other reasons)
NC No Credit
Graduate Level:
B- Lowest Passing Grade
Undergraduate Level:
C- Lowest Passing Grade

At the end of the study period, only ONE copy of the student’s transcript of grades (English version) will be mailed by post to the International Office of the home institution, as soon as all of the grades are available.

Those who need more official copies of transcript can visit the NTU Office of Academic Affairs website to make an online order


Credit Transfer

Exchange students are advised to consult the corresponding administration at the home institution for details on credit transfer. NTU CoM will not become involved in matters pertaining to credit transfer.