Useful Information

Important Documents to Bring

Before your departure, please make sure that all of your important documents are in order. It is strongly advised that you make photocopies of important original documents and leave one copy with your family or friends at home and keep the other copy in your suitcase, separate from the original documents.

 Valid passport and/or official government-issued identification

 Immigration documents (valid visa)

 NTU official letter of acceptance

 Medical insurance documents (if you are relying on medical insurance from your home country)

 Medical information (if applicable):
      a) information on any medications you are currently taking, and b) information on allergies

 List of important telephone numbers and e-mail addresses

 Suggested Packing List

Estimated Living Expenses
Items 1 Semester / 5 Months
On-campus Accommodations TWD 40,000
Textbooks / Stationery TWD 6,000
Campus Internet Access Fee TWD 400
Food TWD 60,000
Public Transportation TWD 10,000
Entertainment / Miscellaneous TWD 30,000
Total Estimated Costs TWD 146,400
  • *USD1 = TWD 32.11 ; €1 = TWD 34.19 (based on Year 2023)
  • On-campus accommodation rate is based on Single Room rate at Prince House
  • All students are required to pay the mandatory Campus Internet Access Fee every semester.
  • Estimated food cost only applies to meals provided by on-campus cafeterias
Transportation Instruction from the airport to NTU

Although College of Management does not offer airport pick-up service, coming to NTU by public transportation should not be a problem. Depending on which international airport you arrive to Taiwan, we have two transportation instructions for your reference. 

Arriving at 臺灣桃園國際機場-Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

  Airport Website
  Transportation Instruction
  Taoyuan Airport MRT
  Taoyuan Airport MRT Transportation Instruction


Arriving at 臺北松山機場-Taipei Songshan Airport

  Airport Website
  Transportation Instruction

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