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NTU Accommodation Reservation

 Who may apply:Students who currently stay at NTU dormitory and wish to re-apply after repatriation.
      Students who apply for postponed graduation can NOT apply for dormitory reservation.

 Application flow:
  1. Download application form for NTU dormitory reservation.
  2. Stamp from NTUCoM OIA.
  3. Submit to NTU Student Housing Service Division(住宿服務組) before the end of semester (July 31st for Fall semester/ Jan. 15 for Spring semester).
  4. Separate proof needed for Shuiyuan and Changqing dormitory issued by NTUCoM.

 Please note:

  1. Students are required to apply for reservation first before application for termination. 
  2. Those who have applied for reservation may apply for dormitory again without the draw. Students are NOT responsible for the rent when staying oversea for exchange.
  3. Please contact the Student Housing Service Division when rent still appears on your pay bill after reservation application.
  4. A different room may be provided. Applicant cannot require to reserve the same room.
  5. Please confirm reservation  one month before returning to Taiwan By contacting the  Student Housing Service Division.
 Master students
  1. Exchange period counted as part of major, no application for extension needed for exchange.
  2. For those who have NOT applied for graduation application: No action needed.
  3. For those who have applied for graduation application:
    • If oral defense not yet taken place: please submit “Master/ Doctoral Degree Examination Withdrawal Application Form”
    • If oral defense already completed: please submit “Application for Postponement Graduation after Passing Thesis/Dissertation Defense” to Office of Academics Affairs after agreement with thesis supervisor.
 Master students who have passed the oral defense & thesis and plan to apply for graduation application once return to NTU, students are requested to apply for “graduation application of Master/PHD students” through myNTU before November 30 (1st semester) or April 30(2nd semester). Please print the form and submit it to your department.

Course selection
Exchange students are required to meet the course load requirements of the host school and College of Management:
  1. Exchange students are required to enroll in at least 2 courses or 6 NTU credits per semester at the host institution during the exchange period. One course MUST be a business or management-related course. A satisfactory passing grade (B-) is expected for all courses taken at the host exchange school.
  2.  All course grades obtained during exchange MUST be entered into the NTU online system upon student’s return.
  3. The course load requirements of the host exchange school are to be provided by the host school upon enrollment, exchange students are required to meet the course load requirements of the host school. The College is not to be involved with matters pertaining to the course load requirements at host exchange school.
  4. Those who fail to meet the above course standards will have the following remarks on their transcripts "Courses taken at the exchange school is not IN ACCORDANCE WITH the NTU requirements”
 Check your passport (valid at least six months beyond the dates of your trip)

 Acceptance letter 


 Insurance Policy Documents

 Pre-departure guide provided by host school

 Foreign currency、travellers cheques

 Personal medicine and medical record

 Remember to pay registration fees
 Pre-departure Guidelines