The College of Management Celebrates its 75th Anniversary: "Breakthrough" Book Launch Event Reflects on the College's Growth and Transformation
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Published At:2024-01-09 
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On November 24, 2023, the College of Management of National Taiwan University, in collaboration with CommonWealth Magazine, held the book and film launch event titled " Breakthrough - Journeying Through 75 Years: The Growth and Innovation Path of the College of Management, National Taiwan University" at the Sungreat International Convention Hall. The event celebrated the 75th anniversary of the establishment of the College of Management. This book brings together the rich history, growth trajectory, and innovative processes of the college. Through the publication of this book, faculty, students, and alumni are invited to retrospect and share in the glorious achievements and prospects of the College of Management.

The book and film launch event invited numerous important guests, including the Dean, Professor Shing-Yang Hu, Vice Dean, Professor Heng-Chiang Huang, Founding Dean, Professor Shih-Chun Hsu, Former Dean, Professor Chen-En Ko, the first CEO of the EMBA program, Professor Ming-Je Tang, alumnus Mr. Yun-Pan Liao, and the first cohort EMBA alumnus, Mr. Springfield Lai. Additionally, Wan-Yu Wu, the Co-CEO of CommonWealth Magazine, was also present. Together, they unveiled 'Breakthrough - Journeying Through 75 Years: The Growth and Innovation Path of the College of Management, National Taiwan University.

Dean Shing-Yang Hu began by expressing his gratitude to the faculty members and alumni of the College of Management for their presence at this grand event. He reflected on the 75-year journey, tracing the transformation from the Department of Commerce to the College of Management at National Taiwan University. Notably, he acknowledged the numerous achievements of distinguished faculty, students, and alumni, though due to constraints of space, it was not possible to cover all their stories in detail.

Dean Hu extended special thanks to Mr. Yun-Pan Liao, an alumnus born in 1928 and a contemporary of National Taiwan University, for gracing the occasion. He also expressed appreciation to Ms. Wan-Yu Wu, the Co-CEO of CommonWealth Magazine, and the EMBA Class of '93, for their collaborative efforts in conducting interviews, compiling the book, and producing the accompanying video. The book, titled "Breakthrough," utilizes personal interviews and in-depth anecdotes to bring readers closer to history. The hope is that these precious segments will serve as significant historical records.

During the event, a documentary film was screened, featuring in-depth interviews with seven faculty members and alumni. This documentary film aimed to guide the audience in understanding how the College of Management consistently innovated in the face of international changes. It showcased the distinctive path the college took, demonstrating the process of carving out its unique identity.

The event featured a panel discussion with the interviewed authors, including Professor Shih-Chun Hsu, Professor Ming-Je Tang, and Dean Shing-Yang Hu. The session was moderated by Ms. Wan-Yu Wu, the Co-CEO of CommonWealth Magazine and an EMBA Class of '93 student. As she reminisced about the youthful vigor of the faculty from her academic years, she expressed profound admiration for their enduring passion for teaching. Ms. Wu felt deeply moved and honored to be part of the production of this book, hoping that through its compelling narratives, everyone could collectively experience the growth of the College of Management.

In 1948, National Taiwan University (NTU) established the Department of Commerce. In 1987, the College of Management was founded, and Prof. Shih-Chun Hsu was appointed as its first dean by then-NTU President Chen Sun. Prof. Hsu reminisces about the establishment of the College of Management, recounting the challenging process from its inception, the creation of the campus, to the recruitment of faculty. The journey was marked by difficulties, but through the collective efforts of President Sun Chen and many others, it paved the way for the present-day identity of the College of Management.

With his perennial wisdom and a delightful sense of humor, Professor Ming-Je Tang, the inaugural CEO of the EMBA program, reflected on the establishment process of the EMBA program. In 1997, the first cohort of the EMBA program admitted only 44 students, but the application numbers reached nearly a thousand. Prof. Tang expressed pride in the program, and his words were filled with enthusiasm. The EMBA program distinguishes itself with a unique case-study teaching method, cultivating in managers the innovative spirit and integrative thinking skills necessary to face various challenges.

Dean Hu, on the other hand, shared his early experiences teaching in the EMBA program. He candidly admitted that in the first decade or so, facing the EMBA course always brought a sense of caution and significant pressure. Despite the relatively high academic freedom enjoyed by NTU faculty, it also meant that collaboration among teachers was not always straightforward. This highlights the challenges and efforts that have contributed to the achievements of the EMBA program.

The College of Management at National Taiwan University has long been the cradle of managerial talent for Taiwan's industry. Faced with challenges in cultivating the next generation of faculty and evolving teaching methods, there is an anticipation that, in the future, collaboration with current faculty and alumni will continue to create an even more brilliant 75 years ahead.