2019/2020 Exchange Program Selection - First-Round Admission List
Activity day:2018-12-28 
Published At:2018-12-28 
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First-Round Admission List

Accepted students must submit “Admission Confirmation Form” (downloadable from the system) and the receipt of NTD 2,000 administration fee to the Office of International Affairs, Room 903, Building I, College of Management on January 3-4, 2019 (10:00-12:00 & 14:00-17:00).  An authorization form (downloadable from the system) is required if the accepted students cannot submit the confirmation form in person.

First-Round Admission List

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  1. Exchange Placement will be canceled if the administration fee and the “Admission Confirmation Form” are not received before the deadline.
  2. No changes can be made after the confirmation form is submitted and under no circumstances will the administration fee be refunded.
  3. Applicants who are eligible to waive the administration fee are required to provide a photocopy of a low-income statement issued by the government.
  4. Students can only choose to confirm acceptance of one exchange program (University level or college level or department level).
  5. Accepted students cannot defer the exchange term to the next academic year under any circumstances.

Second-Round Application

  1. Available slots for Second-Round Application are to be announced before 17:00 on January 8, 2019 on the College of Management website.
  2. Only applicants who do not confirm the first-round admission by the deadline OR are not accepted in the first-round OR have not confirmed admission at university/department level exchange program is eligible to apply for Second-Round Application.
  3. Second-Round Online application period: January 8, 17:00 - January 11, 17:00.
  4. All applicants are required to apply online before submitting the “Exchange Destination Preference List”.
  5. After completing the online application, all applicants are required to submit a new “Exchange Destination Preference List” in person on January 10 - January 11, 2019 (10:00-12:00 & 13:00-17:00). An authorization form is required if students cannot submit the preference list in person.

If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Franzi Wang.

Email: franziwang@ntu.edu.tw

Tel: 02-3366-1037